Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Grading with vWave-Lite

My latest project involved grading the new Jenna G music video for her new song "Flood of emotions". For this project I have tried for the first time the control panel for the Ipad called vWave-Lite (made by Tangent). I have used the physical interface Wave during one of the BBC training days in Color and during my training in BaseLight at Splice. I tried for myself how easier grading is when you are not constricted by the mouse and can perform different adjustments at the same time. The only problem is the price of the control panel. Even though Tangent offers a very competitive budget, it is still a considerable investment.

Tangent recently released a simpler version of Wave for the Ipad and it is fantastic. Yes, it will never replace the actual console and I had to get used to the sensitivity of the virtual console, but this allows you to carry on multiple actions at once and this is essential when grading. Dealing with blacks, mids and whites separately gives different results than dealing with them at the same time. The image reacts differently and the work feels less constrictive, therefore it can become more creative.

This control panel made my job quicker, easier but most importantly more accurate. It helped me to test different options in a more efficient way. I always want to achieve the best with each grade and it certainly helped me in doing so.

The grade for the video is waiting for approval but it will be up soon. Watch this space.

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  1. Ciao Vale! Non capisco niente di video editing, ma la scatola delle Adidas e lo smalto nero spaccano! :) Emanuele