Monday, 7 March 2011

Eliminate: Archie Cookson

Last year I edited the feature film: 'Eliminate: Archie Cookson'. It was shot on RED and my role stated from archiving and converting the rushes to offline format, to creating the edit with the director Rob Holder and producer Ioanna Karavela.

It developed my creative storytelling skills as well as making me even more organised (dealing with 4TB worth of footage requires meticolous labelling and list ticking). It was a wonderful project that gave me the chance to work with an extremely talented team and create something to be truly proud of.

I just received the good news that 'Eliminate:Archie Cookson' is going to be premiered at Minghella Festival

If you are going to festival and want to see a very gripping story then it will be shown on Sunday the 13th of March at 18.30.

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