Thursday, 19 July 2012

2012 update

A brief update after these months of silence (turns out buying a house takes all of your free time).

I have edited the One Show segments: Lava lamp, suspendion bridge, Math of music and Math of fraud. 

I also have graded the the 30 min Kids' Tv show 'Ricky Radical Reinventions', which saw the come back of Morph and Chaz.... those pesky characters did want special grade to fit them with the rest of the program, luckly I know what I am doing!

I also graded the short film 'My other half' for the 0117 Bristol encounters. The director had a very specific grade in mind and it was a pleasure to work with her.

You can view the short film here:

and here is a couple of before and after shots.

in June I have edited the behind the scenes video for 'The Other Wife', a new TV serie which will be out later on this year.

These are a just a few, will update with more projects next time

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